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Welcome to European Gospel Radio (EGR)!

Our mission is to spread the Gospel to the World on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Satellite radio, TV and the Internet
EGR is owned and operated by NEXUS-IBA, a non profit association of broadcasters and program producers
Donald Trump and Twitter duel over president’s vow to crack down in Minneapolis
President Donald Trump has threatened to take action to bring the city of Minneapolis “under control”, calling violent protesters outraged by the death of a black man in police custody “thugs” and saying that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”.
Coronavirus live: Israel's Health Ministry recommends closing schools amid spike in cases
10:20 A.M. Two kindergartners in central Israel test positive. Two kindergartners in central Israel tested positive for the coronavirus, authorities announced on Wednesday. The two are siblings and were infected by another family member. They have been staying at home since May 22.
Amanda Akuokor Clinton: Why churches should turn to drive-in services in Ghana 3 mins
The gathering of God’s people should only take place safely, God does not want us to die in vain. Coronavirus is on the rise in Ghana with 7,616 confirmed cases in Ghana. Large gatherings should not be sanctioned by the government too early, otherwise, we will see an explosion of coronavirus cases.
Cyril Dix obituary
My father, Cyril Dix, who has died aged 97, was a research physicist who led the team of scientists that, in the early 1980s, established the international definition of how long a metre actually is. The metre had, since 1791, been defined only by the length of a brass rod kept in a cellar in Paris.
PRIDE OF THE DÉISE: Our colourful history
Pride of the Déise festival takes place online from Friday, May 29th-Sunday, May 31st. AT the mouth of the River Suir, sits a city built by survivors. We’ve had all sorts saunter in, from the Vikings, to the Normans, to the Huguenots, we are a people made of strong stuff with a history that backs up that fact.
Labor History
Today's Labor Quote: Cesar Chavez. 'The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.' Chavez co-founded the United Farm Workers of America, which on this date in 1996 reached agreement with Bruce Church, Inc. on a contract for 450 lettuce harvesters, ending a 17-year-long boycott.
MP thanks every church in his constituency
An MP has written to every church in his constituency to thank them for their efforts during lockdown. Andrew Bowie has praised churches for supplying foodbanks, ringing up people on their own and embracing technology to keep their services going. The Conservative Member of Parliament for West....
Leaked video: GOP Senate candidate told black leaders it’s pointless to call out Trump racism
John James, the Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan, privately told African-American leaders in the state that it was pointless to publicly call out President Donald Trump’s — shortly before he publicly criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for “hurtful” remarks he made about black voters.
Leaked video: GOP Senate candidate told black leaders it’s pointless to call out Trump racism
— shortly before he publicly criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for “hurtful” remarks he made about black voters. “When I do talk about a prosperity agenda, that’s the goal, is achieving equity and equality for our people, not standing up on Twitter and condemning folks,” James said in a....
These new eased lockdown rules will fast become a bureaucratic irrelevance
Boris Johnson’s announcement of a major relaxation in the lockdown should have been a triumphant moment for the Government. At last, after all the months of fear and confinement, society is on the path back to some kind of normality. Now that the Covid death and infection rates are in decline, families can be reunited, friends can meet again.
Erdogan and Soylu are yet to condemn attack on Armenian church – Garo Paylan
Turkish Armenian lawmaker Garo paylan has visited the the Surp Grigor Lusavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) Armenian Church in Istanbul’s Scutari neighborhood. An unidentified attacker dismantled a cross on the church gate on May 23. The moment of the attack was caught on cameras. The cross has since been replaced.

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