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Welcome to European Gospel Radio (EGR)!

Our mission is to spread the Gospel to the World on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Satellite radio, TV and the Internet
EGR is owned and operated by NEXUS-IBA, a non profit association of broadcasters and program producers
SPECIAL REPORT: 2015: survival of the fittest
AS a very eventful 2015 completes its twilight and with the dawn of the election year of 2016 now upon us, we get into Zambia’s memory of the political whys and wherefores in our nation which has generally battled a myriad of socio-economic challenges in the last 12 months. With that in mind, we take flashback 2015! January.

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I Don’t Knock On Doors, Trust Me; I Kick Butts!!!
You see, if I felt so sure of my professional and intellectual superiority, as Dr. Trokosi claims to have over yours truly, I would not be thinking of taking a trip to the Community College of “Dropouts” where yours truly teaches in order to see what sort or manner of creature he was.

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Battle Lines Drawn
Battle lines have been drawn as several musicians fight for top honours on tonight's prestigious Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 and the Television Video of the Year competitions. For a number of years Coca Cola has hosted the competition that saw several musicians, listeners and viewers winning numerous prices.

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UN Peacekeepers Help Provide Security As Central African Republic Holds Elections
United Nations peacekeepers were out in force at polling stations throughout the Central African Republic (CAR) today as the country voted in presidential and legislative elections, a major step on the path to stability after two years of conflict between Muslims and Christians.

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Duquesne church offers hope, food and more
When volunteers at New Birth Ministries in Duquesne brought cups of hot chocolate to Tyler and Devontay McCoy, it was difficult to tell which was bigger the huge dollops of whipped topping or the brothers’ eyes and smiles. The treat took them by surprise, as did the bag of donated new toys each was handed during the year’s last Friendship Luncheon.

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National and area notables who died in 2015
Sometimes the act of dying, by itself, represents a type of victory. Such was the case for Richard "Dick" Walters, who was a leader in the effort to get the state of Vermont to pass aid-in-dying legislation. Diagnosed with lung cancer, Walters ultimately used the law to end his own life in October....

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Cruz flashes cash as Iowa rivals attack
“We have brought together, and continue to build, a grassroots army of courageous conservatives committed to electing Ted Cruz to reignite the promise of America,” Roe writes in the memo. “Just over a month away from the start of the caucuses and primaries we have a network in place with the....

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Personality Test: Jim Krenn
Pittsburghers know longtime radio personality Jim Krenn as the host of Q92.9 FM's Jim Krenn & The Q Morning Show, which runs 6 to 9 a.m. weekdays. Krenn, who grew up in the Strip District and lives in Green Tree, hosts the show that features himself and a twisted group of local comedians who do....

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Lifeline for Munyaradzi Munodawafa
AFTER spending 2015 in the music wilderness, where he struggled to get bookings for live shows, gospel musician Munyaradzi Munodawafa has been thrown a lifeline by Victory Power International as he is part of the cast that is scheduled to perform at the church’s New Year’s cross over sermon titled It’s All About Jesus.

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The 5 European leaders most likely to be Donald Trump's soulmate
Yet Europe has its own breed of right-wing populists, and their seemingly inexorable rise toward the continent’s corridors of power, like Trump’s toward the US Republican presidential nomination, is no joke. From nationalists wooing mainstream voters in France to barely disguised neo-Nazis scoring....

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UN peacekeepers help provide security as Central African Republic holds elections
. UN peacekeepers keep a watchful eye on proceedings at a polling centre as the Central African Republic (CAR) voted in presidential and legislative elections. Photo: MINUSCA. 30 December 2015 #150 United Nations peacekeepers were out in force at polling stations throughout the Central African....

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