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Welcome to European Gospel Radio (EGR)!

Our mission is to spread the Gospel to the World on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Satellite radio, TV and the Internet
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Christian news
Prostitution fight intensifies in Epworth
Sunday, 22 May 2016 16:44 The introduction of income generating projects has been identified as key in providing alternative and decent livelihoods for women and girls engaging in commercial sex work. The call was made in Epworth yesterday during the handover of 400 pairs of shoes by a local church....

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Money Is King in US Elections
The American elections – whether presidential, congressional or senatorial – are a conflict of money. Not of principles and positions, or the right and the left, or Liberalism and Conservatism. I offer the reader today some information. All of the information comes from American sources,* and they....

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Pastor Donnie McClurkin to sing at East Knoxville church
KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A famous gospel singer will perform at Overcoming Believer’s Church. Pastor Donnie McClurkin will perform at the church’s “Gathering the Glory” concert at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 25 at 211 Harriet Tubman Street. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The concert is free. The Citywide Community Choir will perform with Pastor McClurkin.

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Niger Delta Avengers: Ex-Militants tell Niger Delta youths what to do to Buhari
– Ex-MEND members called for peace in the Niger Delta region. – The ex-militants asked youths to give President Buhari a chance to deliver his promises. – They also asked the president to continue to honour the amnesty agreement. Former members of the now defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the....

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Pentecost and spirit of change
We in Nigeria are very good at leaving the work for someone else. We know what should be done and even know how it should be done but not by me. In religion Nigerians look for powerful men of God to do our spiritual bidding. That is why religious mercantile prayer warriors abound in the land.

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Happy News From Chibok
column. Despite the many socio-economic and labour problems that currently bedevil this country, last week will be remembered as one of the happiest weeks in Nigeria's recent history due to the startling rescue of two of the abducted Chibok school girls.

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Don Follis: Extended times of prayer crucial for Michigan pastor
Seven years ago a friend told me about a Michigan pastor who prayed a lot. She had seen the blog of Pastor John Piippo, and said she thought I would like what he wrote about prayer (johnpiippo.com). In fact, I liked it so much, I called Dr. John Piippo at his Redeemer Fellowship Church, an American Baptist Church in Monroe, Mich.

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Pastor Writes To Dispel Embedded Misconceptions About Transgender People
Heard on Weekend Edition Sunday As churches seek understanding about the LGBT community, a Dallas pastor wrote a blog post sharing seven things he learned about transgender people. Rachel Martin speaks with Pastor Mark Wingfield.   You must be signed in to leave a comment. Sign In / Register Please keep your community civil.

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George Will: The inaugural address we won't hear
WASHINGTON — The mere possibility of a Donald Trump presidency — gold-plated faucets in the house first occupied by John and Abigail Adams — will perhaps have a salutary effect. It might demystify an office that has become now swollen with inappropriate powers and swaddled in a pretentiousness discordant with a republic's ethic of simplicity.

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Let’s have issue-based campaigns
Dear Editor, “A lot of reports will emanate during this period until about 11 August. My plea to Zambians is, please try to check everything that you read. Let us have a culture and try to check everything we read and ensure that we check whether its authentic or not” – Mr. Sikota Wina (Daily Nation, 19th May, 2016).

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Why do married women have extra marital affairs?
GODLY COUNCIL with PASTOR PHILIP KATAI Dear Pastor My question is, why is it that married women have of late been having EXTRA MARITAL relations? Is it because of the economy or something else? I have evidence. As a husband, I am worried. ANS: Brother, thanks for your text.

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Wife anoints matrimonial bed
CHRISTINE CHIHAME, Kitwe A-50-YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe narrated before the Buchi Local Court how his wife chases him from their matrimonial bed after she sprinkles anointing oil on the beddings. Mwansa Katolo who was dragged to court by his wife Catherine Mutale, 44, for divorce accused her of denying him conjugal rights for two years.

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Crime 2 hour ago 4:20 a.m. Grace Baptist pastor devastated by human traffickng arrest
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Friday authorities arrested 32 people in a Knoxville human trafficking operation. The TBI said in a release two of the men, including a children’s minister, arrested in “Operation Someone Like Me” responded to ads for what they thought were girls under the age of 18.

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11:44 AM
According to Punch, popular Nigerian Pastor, Sunday Adelaja’s church is currently enmeshed in a scandal following allegations that he had extramarital affairs with at least 20 women in his church. Pastor Adelaja, founder of one of Europe’s largest churches, Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God....

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32 arrested in human trafficking sting operation, 2 pastors charged with trafficking
Related Coverage KNOXVILLE (WATE) – After a three day investigation, agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and detectives with the Knoxville Police Department arrested 32 men and women on prostitution and human trafficking-related charges. Jason Kennedy (Photo: Knox County Sheriff’s....

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National Sports Stadium to collapse soon - pastor says
National Sports Stadium in Harare is set to collapse due to cracks, a 24-year-old preacher has proclaimed. The Heart of Worship International Church founder Tinashe Mandizha, who claims popular prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is his spiritual father, last week said his prophecies are accurate, urging....

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How racist mass killer milks the poor
"It's all behind us. We don't want to open up old wounds. I go into the village, they accept me for what I am giving back, and that is satisfaction to me. "I felt remorse a long time ago: that is why I can now go into the village alone and they accept me," said Van Schoor.

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Man killed in Florida Road 'gang shooting'
SUPPLIED Kyle Morrow. Picture: Supplied Durban - Revellers at a popular Florida Road, Durban eatery were forced to dive for cover when gunshots rang out during a clash between a group of patrons and members of a Wentworth gang. Kyle Morrow, 32, who was in the group that clashed with the gang at the....

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China suppresses Christianity from the top down
SHUITOU (China) — Along the valleys and mountains hugging the East China Sea, a Chinese government campaign to remove crosses from church spires has left the countryside looking as if a typhoon had raged down the coast, decapitating buildings at random. In the town of Shuitou, workers used blowtorches to cut a 3m-high cross off the 36.

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Standing on the graves of Agatu before crisis turns to tragedy—2
By Dele Sobowale. “A journalist should be pursuing a fair rendition of truth without regard to popular moods; the journalist should not be swayed by public opinion, only by the pursuit of truth, as close as he or she can get to it. Malvin Kalb 1997. (VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ, p 109).

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"Give Buhari A Chance To Fulfill Electoral Promises To Niger Delta"--Ex-Militant Leaders Urge Renegades
Former top leaders of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND)‎ have urged renegade militant groups, among them the Niger Delta Avengers and the Red Egbesu Water Lion, to stop their attacks on oil and gas installations in order to allow President Muhammadu Buhari to fulfill his electoral promises to the region.

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More drama in the stalls
For several hours Wednesday, and overnight until Thursday morning, it appeared Arkansas might not get any Itzhak Perlman performances or Bruce Springsteen concerts. Actually, we weren't in line to get either. The outcry for those particular artists was not especially pronounced.

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Open the doors, worship with a whole heart and reclaim life with God
A lot of digital ink has been spilled over what to do about us millennials. Are we the hope of the world or its demise? Are we overly entitled? If so, what societal or cultural shift has caused this condition? Are there real and strong leaders among us? Church publications are spilling the ink too....

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Fuel Price, Template For Electricity Tariff
Andy Nssien. The recent Federal Government spike of 67 per cent in fuel price if allowed to go unchallenged, apart from the spiraling effect it already has on the beleaguered economy, would unwittingly provide Buhari’s administration an open sesame for indiscriminate tariff increases in other critical sectors of the economy.

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Does Trump have to distance himself from his fringe supporters?
In 2008, after Barack Obama endured uncomfortable coverage about his relationship with controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the future president traveled to Philadelphia to deliver a speech on the goodness of America. Does Donald Trump need to do something similar? The presumptive Republican....

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They’ll know we are Christians by our hatred
There is a well-known Christian hymn entitled “They’ll Know We are Christians by Our Love”, often vigorously sung by Bahamian Christians. The song celebrates the ideal of love of neighbor and Christian unity, with the refrain: “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

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