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Christian news
Complex jobs and social ties appears to help ward off Alzheimer’s, new research shows
Work that involves complex thinking and interaction with other people seems to help protect against the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, according to research presented Sunday at the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference in Toronto. Two studies looked at how complex work and social....

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Mid-Southerners to celebrate 'Blue Sunday'
Today, Mid-Southerners were asked to wear blue to show support for law enforcement officers. MPD Interim Police Director Mike Rallings and Greater Imani Pastor Bill Adkins announced Thursday their plans for Blue Sunday, a part of their movement for a united Memphis.

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WATCH: Activist priest Evan Mawarire - a man for Zim's new season
"I saw, in this packed courthouse, between 50 and 60 lawyers that had come to represent me - for no charge, and without any invitation. When the magistrate asked 'Can I see the practising certificate of the lawyer that's representing the accused?' all 50 or 60 whipped out these certificates.

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Police showered in love amid 'challenges'
Since the tragic killing of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, La., police nationally have been showered with free meals, notes of appreciation, baskets filled with sweets, thank you notes, and fundraising drives. And throughout Alabama, from Orange Beach to points north, police departments are illuminated in blue lights.

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‘Beginning of the end’ for Robert Mugabe as his own supporters attack him
Robert Mugabe could be losing his grip on power (Picture: AP) Robert Mugabe appears to be losing his grip on power after a group of his staunchest allies denounced him as dictatorial. War veterans described how Mugabe and his allies had ‘devoured the values of the liberation struggle in utter disregard of the constitution’.

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9-year-old boy chained by Celestial Church tells his SAD story!
Nine-year-old Korede Taiwo was chained for months by his father, Francis Taiwo, the pastor in charge of Key of Joy Celestial Church of Christ, Ajibawo area in Atan Ota, Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State. The young boy has narrated his heart-rending experience to SUNDAY PUNCH.

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REVEALED: The source of Prophet T. B. Joshua's power
T.B. Joshua, the Supreme pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations reveals what many do not know about his background in this interview with TheNEWS magazine. Many people are confused and they keep asking the question, what is the source of your power? There are critics who keep saying you use....

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Photos: Pastor chains son, 9, for one month for stealing
The step mother was said reported the case of alleged stealing to the father, a pastor, who reportedly tied the boy’s hands and legs with chains. Read More: 9yr-old Korede-Taiwo. 9yr-old Korede-Taiwo. 9yr-old Korede-Taiwo. 9yr-old Korede-Taiwo He used to be a famous herbalist, whom some people,....

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Pulse News Gallery: Photo highlights of Sunday, July 24, 2016

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12:00 PM
An eyewitness sent a troubling information to this morning, with regard to the sad reality in Isawo area of Ikorodu, Lagos, where people are assualted, kidnapped, killed almost daily. This morning, the pastor of a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) branch in Isawo, Ikorodu was abducted by men....

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Zimbabwe: Mugabe Told to Learn From Fallen Gaddafi
History has proved that arrogance is men's most dangerous failing. For the millions of ardent readers of William Shakespeare's fascinating works, the eponymous hero Julius Caesar disappears halfway through the play because of his unbridled pride. "Beware of the Ides of March," a soothsayer warns the....

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Hundreds mourn Louisiana deputy
BATON ROUGE -- The Baton Rouge sheriff's deputy killed last Sunday ran to help another officer when he could have stayed safe in the convenience store where he was working off-duty, a minister said at his funeral Saturday. "It's a remarkable story, the story of Brad Garafola," said the Rev.

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Hough riot, 50 years ago, couldn't destroy a neighborhood
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Some folks call it the "cleansing rain" – a downpour that drenched the Hough neighborhood 50 years ago today, bringing an end to six days of turmoil and strife. Hough began picking up the pieces as the smoke cleared from nearly a week of arson, shootings, vandalism and destruction,....

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Cornered Mugabe goes for broke
From the unbudgeted pensions for war veterans in 1997 to the controversial land reform programme at the turn of the millennium, President Robert Mugabe has become a master of patronage whenever his 36-year rule comes under threat. BY OBEY MANAYITI. After enduring three weeks of protests, Mugabe....

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Trump train toots off on a tempestuous trip
. Irish Sun (IANS) Saturday 23rd July, 2016 Washington, July 23 (IANS) A Sikh woman with a blue 'dupatta' covering her head offered 'ardaas' (prayer). A suit clad Muslim from Pakistan with a bow tie vowed support. A black pastor and a Hispanic lawmaker lamented that Democrats had failed them.

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Meet some of Donald Trump’s black supporters
Trump has made efforts — even if symbolic — to reach out to the black community, appointing reality TV star Omarosa Manigault as his director of African-American Outreach. Manigault didn’t return a request for comment. But in an interview at the Cleveland convention, she claimed Trump was misunderstood.

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Govt paranoid #ThisFlag could weaken Zanu-PF strong hold in rural areas
The state media on Sunday accused #ThisFlag movement by the citizens of Zimbabwe of plotting to instigate civil disturbances in rural areas. This comes as state media continues its smear campaign against Pastor Evan Mawarire and its insinuations that the west is involved in plotting President Robert Mugabe's downfall.

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Redemption pastor speaks out about mistakes, Perry Noble's addiction struggle
Pastors Ron and Hope Carpenter of Redemption Church have finally spoken out about how marital affairs nearly ruined their marriage, and the painful path to healing.

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THE RAKE MASTER SAYS... Bird, dead dog & goat
Friends, I had an encounter with a little bird (22, 21) and mi feel it must be a rake. The little yellow, black and white creature tek set in mi living room like it have shares in the house. Is when mi threaten to kill it the likkle thing get the message and fly out. Poor thing. Mi hope it don’t return.

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War veterans attack ‘beginning of the end’ for Mugabe: analysts
There has a surge of public anger against Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, triggered by an economic crisis that has left banks short of cash and the government struggling to pay its workers/AFP. HARARE, Zimbabwe, Jul 24 – Zimbabwe’s war veterans’ surprise attack on President Robert Mugabe signals....

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Trending Now Mom learns dead son's heart was donated to cousin
Mom learns dead son's heart was donated to cousin. by: Cox Media Group National Content Desk Updated: Jul 24, 2016 - 2:45 AM HATTIESBURG, Miss. — A Mississippi mom who lost her son last year has learned that his heart was given to a family member in need. , 25-year-old Kendrick Murry, an organ donor, died last September in a work accident.

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Trending Now Mom learns dead son's heart was donated to cousin
Mom learns dead son's heart was donated to cousin. by: Cox Media Group National Content Desk Updated: Jul 24, 2016 - 1:45 AM HATTIESBURG, Miss. — A Mississippi mom who lost her son last year has learned that his heart was given to a family member in need. , 25-year-old Kendrick Murry, an organ donor, died last September in a work accident.

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8:00 AM
Johnny King A long time ago, before I got married I overheard a lady lament about her spouse and this is what she said; “I thought we were a match made in heaven, but why am I going through hell?” Surprisingly, many singles hold to the notion – either consciously or subconsciously – that there is one perfect, preordained partner.

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Why Mugabe is now a liability
President Robert Mugabe’s reaction last week to rising discontent over his failed leadership was shocking, even by his very low standards. THE STANDARD COMMENT. Addressing mourners at the burial of former Cabinet secretary Charles Utete at the Heroes Acre, Mugabe told #ThisFlag movement founder....

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Pray and act
In the wake of the Orlando massacre as well as the tragedies in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas, there have been no lack of prayers, there has been talk of hope, and there have been countless moments of silence. But we're afraid that, as usual, the moments of silence will extend into weeks and months of silence without action.

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War Veterans Attack 'beginning
Harare (AFP) - Zimbabwe's war veterans' surprise attack on President Robert Mugabe signals the "beginning of the end" for the long-time leader, already buckling under pressure from a restive population angry over worsening economic woes. In a rare public rebuke to the world's oldest president, war....

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