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Forshia remembers when she took the Morse code and radio theory exam to get her license; She was very perplexed by one question. She was sure the multiple-choice answers did not contain the right one from which she could choose. Finally, Forsha went to her instructor during the exam and shared it with him.

She was apparently right, and a letter of correction to the Federal Communications Commission accompanied her exam. As the local newspaper reported, “The young Miss passed her test in radio theory and the international Morse code with flying colors.” Forshia even built her own transmitter, a task that took one whole summer. Her father built the receiver; and when they tested them both, Forshia's worked fine, and his began to smoke. They had a good laugh about it, but Forshia was still very proud of herself.

Foshia also remembers going to a ham radio summer party, given for the benefit of all radio operators in Alaska, and asking if she could sign the roster that had been placed high up on a podium. The man she was asking looked down at her, smiled sweetly, and answered: “Honey, that’s for radio operators to sign.” Innocently, she looked up at him (everyone was taller than her, of course) and said, “But I am one.” Through this medium of communication, she would reach as far as Guam and many other places.

Forshia still has her logbook. She received fan mail from all over the world and was featured in the CQ Magazine, one of the most well known magazines for radio operators. When the Lord opened up ministry to Forshia Ross in 1990, never would she have believed that radio would continue to be so important. Only this time the purpose would be to share the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.

Hidden Treasures radio program on EGR / IRRSForshia's radio program, Hidden Treasures has been aired on several stations in the United States, short wave in Africa and Northern and Southern America and in her own local area. God has given Forshia a unique ability to share the Gospel in practical ways that help people realize that He desires to be everyday real in their lives. She is often interviewed as a guest speaker on syndicated radio stations. Her audio CD, 18 Sound Bites, a collection of some of her best programs, continues to encourage people with God’s love and personal care. It has been her great pleasure to be invited to share the Good News with the European Gospel Radio ministry as well.

Forshia Ross is a licensed and ordained pastor and head of the international ministry Treasurers from the Heart, which started in 1990 on the outskirts of Washington DC. She fulfills the call of ministry to help people through television, radio, books, Bible studies, speaking engagements and her website, TreasuresFromTheHeart.org. Forshia has won two Rhode Island PEG Awards for Best Religious/Spirituality TV Program and has also published two books, No Secondhand Rose and The Wilderness Shall Blossom like the Rose, the first and second of a trilogy about her journey to wholeness. She lives with her husband, Eric, in Glendale, Rhode Island.

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Listening on AM/Medium Waves from Finland https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/23148-listening-on-ammedium-waves-from-finland.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/23148-listening-on-ammedium-waves-from-finland.html info@egradio.org (Administrator) Testimonies Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:00:00 +0000 Listening from Japan https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3708-listening-from-japan.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3708-listening-from-japan.html Shortwave radiosI am a 57 year old Japanese shortwave listener. Last night I heard the program of "Radio Santec" relayed by IRRS on 15190 kHz.

Thank you very much for your program. I started shortwve listening in 1970 when I was a student of junior high school. I was very ative in the hobby when I was a university student, In 1990's OI became inactive in the hobby due to heavy duties in my work. A few year ago I became again very active in the hobby.

Thank you again for your program, and looking forward to your kind reply soon.

Sincerely yours,

Satoshi W.

Mr Satoshi W. from Osaka, Japan listened to our 300 kW shortwave broadcast to India & China, on May 13, 2013, reporting a good reception in Japan (SINPO 35443). Thansk you for tuning in! Despite your location is a bit off-set to our beam to central and SE Asia, Despite the fact that we are not beaming specifically to Japan, it seems that we are reaching Osaka with quite a decent signal as well.

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Keep broadcasting on shortwave! https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3707-keep-broadcasting-on-shortwave.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3707-keep-broadcasting-on-shortwave.html Shortwave radio receiverDear Sir,

I have been a keen shortwave radio listener for over 40 years - I well remember the first broadcast I heard when I was 12 year old boy. Since those early days I have regularly listened to the shortwaves learning a great deal in the process.

I thought I would give you a few personal details so at least you can understand the sort of person that is listening to your broadcasts - I am a 57 year old professional businessman, I travel all over the world on business visiting my company's regional offices in China and India several times a year. During my travels I always take my short wave radio as it allows me to listen to the news from home via the BBC and news from around the rest world on other shortwave services. When I am at home I can continue those "travels" by listening to broadcastsfrom countries such as yours.

Keep broadcasting on shortwave - there is an audience, not everybody wants to use the Internet Over the years my knowledge of the world has improved greatly because of shortwave. I also get to learn about your country - I have visited several countries on holiday as a result of the interest generated from shortwave programmes.

I appreciate you must receive many hundreds of reports a year and I know it must be very difficult to reply to them all! I hope however on this occasion you will be able to find the time to reply as I would like to addyour QSL card to my collection.

Best Regards

Richard K. from England, UK


Richard listened to our mainstream frequency to Europe on 9,510 kHz, reporting a strong signal (SINPO 4444) on March 9, 2013. Thank you, Richard, stay tuned and best 73s!

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From, Praha, Czeck Republic https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3490-from-praha-czeck-republic.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/3490-from-praha-czeck-republic.html Dear Friends,

I regularly listen to the broadcasts transmitted over IRRS on short waves, your current choice of frequency of 9510 kHz to Europe is excellent!

I am glad to send you this reception report on this European Gospel Radio broadcast. Please, send me your QSL-card to verify this report. Thank you very much!

Good broadcasting!



Receiver: SANGEAN ATS-909X
Antenna:  built-in telescopic
Reception Place:  Prague, Czech Republic

Station:  Italian Radio Relay Service 
Programme:  European Gospel radio
Language: English
Frequency: 9510 kHz
Quality: 55544 SINPO
Remarks: Very strong signal, no interference.

Details:  European Gospel Radio - Sermon dedicated to the Sabbath, readings from the Bible, hymn, improving health through oxygen and breathing, hymn, address for donations and web pages.

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From Summit, New Jersey, USA https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/40-from-new-jersey-usa.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/40-from-new-jersey-usa.html
At 1929 hours UTC, a male announcer station identification was heard: “You are listening to a transmission from IRRS,” followed by mention of your postal address. This was followed by the announcement: “Welcome to Outlook,” then a spiritual commentary by James White entitled “Spirituality on the Lord’s Prayer,” based on the book he wrote. I was very impressed with his commentary in relation to the fact that “we have crammed our lives with noise and we never give silence an opportunity.” I could not agree more! One of the ways that I have discovered to counter this effectively is outdoor gardening. When I am amidst the trees, wildlife and sounds of nature, it places me in a mindset where I am totally open to God’s green earth and all its creatures. This allows me to be in harmony with my surroundings and some of the wisdom that comes from this encounter.

At 1934 hours UTC, I received additional spiritual insight in the answer to the question: “Why should we pray?” The answer was: “Because God has chosen to take our prayers into consideration.” Then mention was made of the television program Star Trek, when the male announcer said: “Jesus is the Hero for all time.” He then said: “You are listening to Outlook from United News & Information.” Then followed news about the creation of a Palestinian State; the University of Notre Dame and the U.S. Supreme Court.

At 1940 hours UTC, I heard mention of Proverbs 2 Verse 20: the relationship men have with each other is very important and the need for having spiritual mentors.

Reception conditions at my location this afternoon were fair to good. My SINPO Code rating is 35333/4. Your signal registered at S7 dB on my RL Drake R8A Communications receiver, attached to an end-fed longwire antenna 30 meters in length. Reception was quite favorable, since there was no competing Amateur Radio Operator activity on this frequency in this time slot.

I was delighted to have heard your excellent program today and reception was favorable for me to enjoy its content. If my report is correct in detail, please send me your QSL Card of verification for this transmission, kindly listing the transmitter site and power output. I enclose one US dollar for use as return postage to reply to my request.

Best Regards,

New Jersey 07901

(publication authorized by EJI)]]>
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Marconi’s wireless https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/39-marconis-wireless.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/39-marconis-wireless.html
French aviator and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote: The central struggle of men has ever been to understand one another, to join together for the common weal. On another occasion, he expanded on this belief: Transport of the mails, transport of the human voice, transport of flickering pictures – in this century as in others our highest accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing men together.

A parchment on my wall from Radio Vaticana carries similar words: All over the world radio communications promote good will and understanding among people. We live in a global village that is totally dependent upon our ability to live and communicate with each other. It has always been my intention to reach forth through shortwave radio with these ideals in mind, while continuing to search for those places or stations I haven’t yet logged.

My listening experience on the shortwaves has brought me in contact with countless peoples of this diverse planet, from Greenland to Spanish Sahara, Antarctica to Tahiti.

Greetings from the listening post of EJI
Registered Radio Monitor WDX2RVO and WLS6NJ
Located in the Watchung Mountains of Summit, New Jersey
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Jesus in science https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/15-jesus-in-science.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/15-jesus-in-science.html When the Russian army occupied my country Czechoslovakia, I escaped to Sweden so that I would not have to live under the Communist dictatorship again. There I had a friend who worked as a scientist in a group investigating elementary particles.

Sometimes he took me with him, so I could see how they do experiments. After their experiments the scientists would meet in a cafe shop to discuss their conclusions. I asked them about the reason why some things which were impossible to happen, yet they did happen. For example: how could a particle traverse an energy barrier which it could not pass. On my question on how this could happen, they answered that there is a spiritual world, and God is interacting with the physical universe.]]>
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Life after death https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/27-life-after-death.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/27-life-after-death.html What would happen to YOU if you died tonight? Where would you be tomorrow? In Heaven or Hell?

The Bible tells us there is only one way into Heaven. That has to be secured before we die. No one knows or wants to know when that will be.

What do you have to do to get there?]]>
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Gods Dirty Dozen https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/25-gods-dirty-dozen.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/25-gods-dirty-dozen.html If I were to get to know those who know you best and ask them all the questions I could think of about you, I would get to know you very well, wouldn’t I? Well, then it stands to reason that if we get to know God’s best friends real well, we will get to know a whole lot about God, won’t we? Let’s then make some observations of those that he used, each in a mighty way. I call them, “God’s Dirty Dozen.”]]> info@egradio.org (Administrator) Testimonies Tue, 20 Sep 2005 12:09:08 +0000 Jesus is not joking https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/22-jesus-is-not-joking.html https://www.egradio.org/christian-radio-worldwide/testimonies/22-jesus-is-not-joking.html I had always prayed every night to God, but I did not know Jesus yet. I was in the emergency ward one night. I had a benign tumour in my chest that was causing indescribable pain. I was vomiting the painkillers and had extremely low iron and a lung infection as well as a gastro virus. I was in hospital alone and on a drip of water and maxillon (anti-nauseous drug). I had a reaction to the drug and thought that was the end for me. I was alone (my boyfriend at a party because I had been sick for two years so it was no surprise). I left the hospital about three hours later and stayed in bed for about 2 days. A week later I was really scared and didnt know what my body would do next.]]> info@egradio.org (Administrator) Testimonies Sat, 28 May 2005 12:58:34 +0000