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EGR European Gospel Radio

Worldwide on Shortwave radio, streaming and satellite

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Welcome to the European Gospel Radio (EGR)!

Our mission is to spread the Gospel to the World on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Satellite radio, TV and the Internet

EGR is owned and operated by NEXUS-IBA, a non profit association of broadcasters and program producers

The Voice of Love

“The Voice of Love” broadcast is a program primarily about Christian artistic works. It’s a collection of hymns and recitations of God’s words from The Church of Almighty God as well as testimonies of Christians’ experiences, sermons on entry into life, and crosstalks. With rich content, deep significance, and different kinds of testimonies, this program leads us to understand God’s work and to get a taste of God’s love and salvation for humanity.

The Voice of Love

The music program brings together hymns of God’s words and hymns about life experiences in a number of different genres such as Classical, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Country, Folk, World, A Cappella, and Choral music. These beautiful and compelling melodies, lovely singing and moving lyrics are an expression of Christians’ boundless reverence and praise for God and recounts the heartfelt understanding and real harvest reaped from their experiences of God’s work. This program brings you a taste of the wonderful lives of His chosen people at the Lamb’s wedding feast, enjoying themselves in the watering and sustenance of His words.

The program of recitations of God’s words contains many aspects of the truths expressed by God. This includes issues related to knowing God’s work as well as His disposition and essence, revealing how Satan corrupts mankind and how God saves humanity, dissecting the root of mankind’s sinfulness and corrupt natures, correcting people’s mistaken perspectives on seeking in their faith and errors in their practice, how to live out proper humanity and be an honest person, how to fulfill the duty of a human being, and truths on how people should obey and love God. God’s words are the truth, and they are the highest of all life’s aphorisms. Even more, they are the spring of life for human beings—through heeding God’s words and understanding His will we can come to know God and obey Him, and live out a life with meaning so that we can enter the wonderful destination God has prepared for humanity.

Testimony of The Voice of Love

The program of experiences and testimonies gathers together all sorts of life experiences and testimonies from Christians’ lives, primarily about leaning on God’s words and guidance, understanding the truth to cast off a corrupt disposition, establishing a proper perspective on life and proper values when facing family affairs, the temptations and binds of money and fame, as well as the many problems and difficulties in educating children, in life, and in work. God’s words are the truth, and they truly can purify, transform, and save human beings. They can resolve all of the difficulties in our lives and allow us to live out a true human likeness, to get onto the right path in life.

The mission of the “The Voice of Love” broadcast is to provide a variety of programs of God’s words and Christians’ experiences, testimonies, and praise for God for those who thirst for the truth so that those from every country, from every walk of life who truly believe in God, may seek to understand the truth, at all times gain spiritual sustenance, keep far from the evil trends of the world, overcome Satan’s temptations, have more faith in God, and follow God.

If you’d like to enjoy more delightful programming, please visit The Church of Almighty God website at www.holyspiritspeaks.org.

You can also email The Church of Almighty God at info@almightygod.church, or call their Gospel hotline at +1-347-422-1980.

The Voice of Love is being broadcast on our 24/7 Christian radio channel All Gospel Radio Mon-Fri at 07:15 CET and on week-ends at 10:00 CET. You may also listen to repeats of this programs at various times on All Gospel Radio.


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If you are a broadcaster or Christian program producer you can schedule a 15 min FREE consultation with an EGR specialist to help you evaluate all possible Int'l broadcasting options.

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We will call you back at a number and time of your convenience, and will gladly answer any question that you may have on how to broadcast your Christian message worldwide.

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